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inactiveTopic A Software Engineering Perspective on Algorithmics
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Ehud Lamm - A Software Engineering Perspective on Algorithmics  blueArrow
7/28/2001; 7:05:22 AM (reads: 1131, responses: 0)
A Software Engineering Perspective on Algorithmics
An algorithm component is an implementation of an algorithm which is not intended to be a stand--alone module, but to perform a specific task within a large software package or even within several distinct software packages. Hence, the design of algorithm components must also incorporate software--engineering aspects. A key design goal is adaptability. This goal is important for maintenance throughout a project, prototypical development, and reuse in new, unforeseen contexts.

This paper is about various methods for creating generic alorithmic components. This is a survey paper, which may be useful as a starting point for thinking about the issues involved.

Many examples are are based on graph algorithms as implemented in the LEDA C++ library (starting February 1st, 2001, Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH became the sole distributor of LEDA.)

The discussion of various iteration schemes on grpahs may be useful in itself.

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