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Chris Rathman - Happy Birthday LtU  blueArrow
7/28/2001; 8:43:14 AM (reads: 378, responses: 1)
Happy Birthday LtU
Message #1 for Lambda the Ultimate is dated exactly one year ago, so I guess this is sort of like a birthday. Many thanks for the venue.

Quickie items for today.

There's a couple of postings in the discussion forum that aren't accessible via the front page:

Also, for those that don't read the popular computing press:

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Happy Birthday LtU  blueArrow
7/29/2001; 8:22:48 AM (reads: 419, responses: 0)
How time flies...

This is a good oppotunity to thank everyone for their help. Special thanks goes to the contributing editors.

Andrew and Chris deserve special mention, for their efforts and faith - from the very early days of LtU.