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inactiveTopic Interview with Brian Kernighan
started 9/4/2000; 11:42:06 PM - last post 9/6/2000; 1:42:43 AM
Ehud Lamm - Interview with Brian Kernighan  blueArrow
9/4/2000; 11:42:06 PM (reads: 643, responses: 4)
Interview with Brian Kernighan
The author of some classic books of programming and programming languages, and an important contributor to the field of programming languages.

His Why Pascal is not my Favorite Programming Language is a classic example of language critique. If you haven't read it,I highly recommend it.
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Zach Garner - Re: Interview with Brian Kernighan  blueArrow
9/5/2000; 12:36:12 PM (reads: 684, responses: 3)
Kernighan refers to a paper by Rob Pike called `Systems Software Research is Irrelevant'. This isnt really related to `programming languages' but its a decent paper. The link is broken in the interview though. You can find it here:

(for whatever reason, both gv and xpdf have problems reading some of it)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Interview with Brian Kernighan  blueArrow
9/6/2000; 12:07:41 AM (reads: 726, responses: 1)
Many of the arguments made in the paper agree with my observations. So I think I'll keep this link handy...

One quote to make it a little more on topic

Programmability once the Big Idea in computing has fallen by the wayside.

andrew cooke - Re: Interview with Brian Kernighan  blueArrow
9/6/2000; 1:42:43 AM (reads: 720, responses: 0)
There's also a hostory of C by Richie, I think (can't read again to check it as away from my office and without a PS viewer).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Interview with Brian Kernighan  blueArrow
9/6/2000; 1:32:44 PM (reads: 774, responses: 0)
To reply to myself...

The idea of 'programmability' is related to issues of end-user programming. This is a very interesting field (though a bit out of fashion in the industry, since analysts said users create unmaintainable systems). The March issues of CACM is dedicated to this topic.

The abstract level at which ideas from programming languages are connected to ideas in end-user programming, is fascinating. It deals with core issues of "algorithmic thought."