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started 8/1/2000; 2:02:05 AM - last post 8/2/2000; 5:56:14 AM
Ehud Lamm - All sorts of links  blueArrow
8/1/2000; 2:02:05 AM (reads: 845, responses: 2)
All sorts of links
This link is to a list of resources on the net that I collected while teaching software engineering. Some are of general interest (computing dictionary etc.), but there are some language and paradigm specific links that may be of interest. Some of these will go into the design docs page.
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Chris Rathman - Re: All sorts of links  blueArrow
8/1/2000; 4:08:45 PM (reads: 898, responses: 1)
Well, since I got involved in the project, I might as well pass on the link to Jim Weirich's Object Oriented Example Code page. The page contains a simple OOP example, specifically Shapes, written in quite a few programming languages. The idea behind the example is to demonstrate how to get polymorphic behavior in a series of OOP and non-OOP languages. The current language entries include:

OO Languages: Beta, C++, Cecil, CLOS, Component Pascal, Delphi, Dylan, Eiffel, Itcl, Java, JavaScript, LPC, Modula3, Oberon, Objective-C, OCaml, Perl, Php, Python, Ruby, Sather, Simula, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, VBScript, Visual Foxpro

General Purpose non-OO Languages: ANSI C, Erlang, Forth, Haskell, Icon, Modula2

Special Purpose Languages: AdvSys, awk, DOS Batch, Foxpro, Postscript, Prolog, sed, Shell Script

Written but not posted to Jim's site yet: Pike, REBOL, Ada'95, COBOL, J, Object REXX, Lua, Oz

Ehud Lamm - Re: All sorts of links  blueArrow
8/2/2000; 5:56:14 AM (reads: 954, responses: 0)
Nice link. I didn't read all the examples, but I did like the AWK code.

Perhaps we should have a page with links to "one problem, many languages" pages. Like the 99 bottles of beer etc.