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Ehud Lamm - Programming by Demonstration  blueArrow
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Programming by Demonstration
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This book grew out of a workshop on Programming by Demonstration that was held at Apple Computer in March, 1992. The workshop was an opportunity for current researchers to discuss their work with the pioneers in the field. David Smith demonstrated a HyperCard simulation of his Pygmalion system, which was the first system for programming by demonstration and the inspiration for the work that has followed. Henry Lieberman ported his classic Tinker system to the Macintosh so that he could give a live demonstration at the workshop. This was followed by classic videos of the early systems, live demonstrations of the newer systems, and open discussion on topics in the field.

End user programming is still a worthy goal in my book, though I don't think it should aim at eliminating the need for programmers. This book (all of it is online) is a great resource.

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