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inactiveTopic Using XSLT for content management
started 8/7/2001; 10:30:57 PM - last post 8/7/2001; 10:30:57 PM
Ehud Lamm - Using XSLT for content management  blueArrow
8/7/2001; 10:30:57 PM (reads: 1143, responses: 0)
Using XSLT for content management
This is the first installment of Working XML, a column with companion project code that demonstrates the evolution of full-fledged XML applications. In this column, author and software consultant Benoît Marchal introduces XM (XSLT Make), a simple and affordable Web publishing content-management solution that takes advantage of XML and XSLT. Code samples show the development of a wrapper for the XSLT to make it easy for a nonprogrammer to use. XM project code is available by link.

The code itself is in Java.

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 8/7/01; 10:31:20 PM