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inactiveTopic Java: Good and Bad
started 8/8/2001; 12:26:52 PM - last post 8/10/2001; 2:08:41 PM
Dejan Jelovic - Java: Good and Bad  blueArrow
8/8/2001; 12:26:52 PM (reads: 1208, responses: 1)
Java: Good and Bad

Java is frequently contrasted to C++, as these languages seem to be used in the same problem space.

This article contrasts Java to C++ for developing large-scale applications. Instead of presenting a simplistic view ("Java is good but slow, C++ is dangerous") it breaks these languages down into features which help or hurt software development.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Java: Good and Bad  blueArrow
8/10/2001; 2:08:41 PM (reads: 723, responses: 0)
re Java speed, see also this article.