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Bryn Keller - AOS VM  blueArrow
8/8/2001; 1:22:42 PM (reads: 1892, responses: 0)
Dave Simmons of QKS (a SmallTalk implementation company) posted an interesting message to the language-dev mailing list discussing his forthcoming AOS VM, expected in August or September. He describes it as being extremely fast (within 1-2x C speeds), having a small footprint (~600k including compiler and tools), and supporting a horde of nice features (multi-methods, type inference, MOP, e.g.) in addition to the usual.

It runs his language, SmallScript, but a number of ports are apparently underway for Python and so on. Programs which run on the AOS VM can be 'cross-jitted' into .Net IL/VM code. The AOS VM will be free (no cost), but not open source as far as I can tell. The AOS/.Net converter will be a commercial product.

More information (disappointingly little, actually) is available at
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