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Ehud Lamm - Generic Programming in Haskell  blueArrow
8/9/2001; 10:19:39 PM (reads: 569, responses: 0)
Generic Programming in Haskell
(via the Haskell mailing list)

Strafunski is a Haskell-based bundle for generic programming. It provides programming support for generic traversal as useful in the implementation of program transformations...

The basic concept underlying Strafunski are functional strategies: generic functions that not only can be applied to terms of any type, but which also allow generic traversal into a subterm. Strafunski offers both a strategy combinator library, including generic traversal combinators...

You can download the code and some papers from the site.

This work is not just about generic programming. It is related to the general notion of Visitors, as well as to things like folding over trees and catamorphisms. All is done in the context of a typed (and functional) language.

Posted to functional by Ehud Lamm on 8/9/01; 10:25:54 PM