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inactiveTopic Sequentiality and the Pi-Calculus
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Ehud Lamm - Sequentiality and the Pi-Calculus  blueArrow
8/14/2001; 12:33:46 AM (reads: 1575, responses: 0)
Sequentiality and the Pi-Calculus
We present a type discipline for the pi-calculus which precisely captures the notion of sequential functional computation as a specific class of name passing interactive behaviour. The typed calculus allows direct interpretation of both call-by-name and call-by-value sequential functions. The precision of the representation is demonstrated by way of a fully abstract encoding of PCF. The result shows how a typed pi-calculus can be used as a descriptive tool for a significant class of programming languages without losing the latter's semantic properties. Close correspondence with games semantics and process-theoretic reasoning techniques are together used to establish full abstraction.

Posted to theory by Ehud Lamm on 8/14/01; 12:34:02 AM