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inactiveTopic Fowler: Reducing Coupling
started 8/16/2001; 8:39:34 AM - last post 8/16/2001; 8:39:34 AM
Ehud Lamm - Fowler: Reducing Coupling  blueArrow
8/16/2001; 8:39:34 AM (reads: 933, responses: 0)
Fowler: Reducing Coupling
Coupling is indeed, like Fowler says, a very important SE concept. In fact I think it captures so much of what SE is really about, that there's little room for anything else. This is no surprise since coupling is very much related to abstraction.

Many patterns are about coupling (think iterator or observer).

Posted to Software-Eng by Ehud Lamm on 8/16/01; 8:41:11 AM