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inactiveTopic XML Spy 4.0 Public Beta 3 ( XSLT Designer )
started 8/24/2001; 11:31:08 PM - last post 8/24/2001; 11:31:08 PM
Ehud Lamm - XML Spy 4.0 Public Beta 3 ( XSLT Designer )  blueArrow
8/24/2001; 11:31:08 PM (reads: 1219, responses: 0)
XML Spy 4.0 Public Beta 3 ( XSLT Designer )
The XSLT Designer is also available as part of the XML Spy Suite 4.0b3 installation and allows you to create XSLT Stylesheets for use with the Document Editor as well as any other XSLT processor. The unique graphical design environment of the XSLT Designer provides you with a view of the content model of your document, XML Schema, or DTD, and allows you to drag elements and attributes to the design pane, where you can create tables, paragraphs, and assign any other common style information, such as font and color settings. This highly intuitive process greatly reduces the time required to create XSLT Stylesheets - a truly daunting task without the help of this software. The integrated Preview pane allows you to see your XML document styled with the Stylesheet you are creating, which lets you preview your results at any time during the design process.

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