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inactiveTopic Is Java Language Neutral?
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Chris Rathman - Is Java Language Neutral?  blueArrow
8/26/2001; 7:31:40 PM (reads: 1700, responses: 1)
Is Java Language Neutral?
The author tries to make the case that development tools for the JVM are pretty well restricted to Java the language. He did some analysis on Tolksdorf's web page, Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine (a great resource BTW) and concludes that there are few if any commercially viable alternative languages which can be used to target the JVM.

My only qualm would be the dismissal of open source projects from the category of commercially viable. Many computer languages that are not produced by commercial entities are defintely viable. Jython and Pizza are two projects that come to mind.

That said, Sun has never gone out of their way to do much with the VM beyond the original design and have not been particularly receptive to extended it for purposes other than those aimed at Java the language. Although one might think that the MS marketing strategy of reaching beyond C# for language support in .Net might cause Sun to rethink their strategy, I foresee them getting even more entrenched in Java the language instead of worrying about opening it up.
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