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inactiveTopic Quick-and-dirty Java programming
started 8/28/2001; 2:19:28 AM - last post 8/28/2001; 1:30:26 PM
Ehud Lamm - Quick-and-dirty Java programming  blueArrow
8/28/2001; 2:19:28 AM (reads: 524, responses: 3)
Quick-and-dirty Java programming
The Java language is a great high-level programming language, allowing us to stay close to the problem we want to solve while effortlessly experimenting with different solutions. But in the real world of everyday computing (and development), there are many situations where "whipping up a Java program" to perform a task is either impractical or too time consuming. This article takes you into the underground world of FESI (Free EcmaScript Interpreter), where deploying the Java language in a quick-and-dirty fashion is the norm rather than the exception.

FESI is a an EcmaScript interpreter written in Java, allowing full access to the capabilites of the host JDK. This may solve some of the portability problems with JavaScript

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Willy Heineman - Re: Quick-and-dirty Java programming  blueArrow
8/28/2001; 8:09:24 AM (reads: 549, responses: 0)
I can also recommend Per Bothner's Kawa and BeanShell by Pat Niemeyer for the same types of applications. Kawa is an implementation of Scheme in java supporting interpreted and compiled execution and BeanShell is a 99% java interpreter. I've come to rely upon Kawa for RAD java development. Both interoperate with the API libraries without a hitch.

nickmain - Re: Quick-and-dirty Java programming  blueArrow
8/28/2001; 9:44:07 AM (reads: 520, responses: 0)
The Rhino JavaScript interpreter/compiler from the Mozilla Project is a more strategic solution. It has both interpreted and compiled-to-bytecode modes (on-the-fly and batch).

It has a wide deployed base - plus it is feature equivalent (and also very similar in its embedding API) to the C-based SpiderMonkey JavaScript interpreter. SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript interpreter used in the Netscape browser.

Bryn Keller - Re: Quick-and-dirty Java programming  blueArrow
8/28/2001; 1:30:26 PM (reads: 525, responses: 0)
I'll have add a note here about Jython ( - a Python implementation in Java. Interfacing with Java libraries is a no-brainer (including subclassing Java classes in Python), and I've been using it for over two years now for a large project with almost no difficulties.