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Ehud Lamm - Adam Bosworth interview  blueArrow
9/3/2001; 2:24:43 PM (reads: 943, responses: 0)
Adam Bosworth interview
Adam Bosworth is founder and CTO of Crossgain. A Microsoft alumnus who led the early work on XML at the company, Bosworth started Crossgain to focus on Web services.

Some of the issues discussed in this interesting interview are loosely coupled systems, coarse-grained communication and asynchrony. All of these seem to me to be related to issues at the programming language level.

To be blunt, what that means is that you have to move data—not code. This was one of the biggest arguments I had back in 1996-97: a lot of people had the idea you'd move code around to cause these things to happen—like agents—you'd move instructions around the Web—or objects...

Though carefully reasoned, I am not sure I agree with this conclusion.

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