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Bryn Keller - Genuinely Functional User Interfaces  blueArrow
9/7/2001; 11:54:10 AM (reads: 697, responses: 0)
Genuinely Functional User Interfaces
Fruit is a new graphical user interface library for Haskell based on a formal model of user interfaces. The model identifies signals (continuous time-varying values) and signal transformers (pure functions mapping signals to signals) as core abstractions, and defines GUIs compositionally as signal transformers. In this paper, we describe why we think a formal denotational model of user interfaces is useful, present our model and prototype library implementation, and show some example programs that demonstrate novel features of our library.

This is a paper from the proceedings of the Haskell Workshop. A very good read. Modelling a GUI as a relationship among signals may well turn out to be a very useful approach. The toolkit uses arrows, which are described in this paper if you're interested in the background.
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