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9/12/2001; 2:48:39 PM (reads: 900, responses: 0)
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I am going to be away from my computer for about ten days starting tomorrow. I am sure our great contributors will contine to keep the flow going while I am away.

Since this is a personal note, I'll allow myself to sidestep this site's charter and say a few words concerning current events.

As you know I am from a country that has been under terroist attacks for many many years, and is as we speak fighting a wave of terror attacks that started almost a year ago.

Leaving politics aside, one can hardly imagine human beings planning and executing these attacks on innocent civilians. The heart aches for the loss of life, as we pray for the recovery of all injured.

These attacks are an attempt to invade the lives and politics of peoples and nations. We should not let that happen, and must return as soon as possible to our daily life - as I am sure will happen in America.

Let me express my deepest condolences to all our friends and colleagues in the US.

Israel set up blood doantion stations, in order to supply our relief mission with blood units. I assume this is also done elsewhere. I urge those that can to help this effort and donate blood.

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