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started 8/1/2000; 1:46:31 PM - last post 8/1/2000; 1:46:31 PM
Ehud Lamm - Interpreters?  blueArrow
8/1/2000; 1:46:31 PM (reads: 359, responses: 0)
Some of you may know that I am thinking of designing a PL course based on EOPL. While thinking about it I had this thought. If people follow the 'interpreters based approach' (as EOPL advocates), and people extend the books topics in various ways (OO+threading for example), it may be interesting to examine such efforts and learn from them.

I thought about giving projects involving the extension of the interpreters in various directions, and I'd certainly want to put the results online somewhere so later students can carry on.

This doesn't seem like such a clever idea, so I guess someone thought of it already. So if you know of any such site, let me know!
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