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inactiveTopic Scheme interpreter in Javascript
started 9/28/2001; 2:28:26 PM - last post 9/29/2001; 4:15:16 AM
Ehud Lamm - Scheme interpreter in Javascript  blueArrow
9/28/2001; 2:28:26 PM (reads: 681, responses: 2)
Scheme interpreter in Javascript
You can ply with the interpreter, simply by visiting this page.

Notice that this is not an R5RS compliant Scheme. It is quite easy to find expressions that are not handled correctly (I tried rationals). But it is nice to play with, and the source code may also be of interest.

Seems from the comment at the beginning of the source that the interpreter may benefit from being transformed to CPS (this process is explained in detail in EOPL2 for example).

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 9/28/01; 2:29:20 PM

Luke Gorrie - Re: Scheme interpreter in Javascript  blueArrow
9/29/2001; 3:35:20 AM (reads: 640, responses: 1)
As the author, I should point out that this was mostly written as a joke :-). Still, I'm hoping it'll be useful One Day when I find myself writing a fancy web-gui.

Thanks for the link, and happy netscape-crashing!

Ehud Lamm - Re: Scheme interpreter in Javascript  blueArrow
9/29/2001; 4:15:16 AM (reads: 658, responses: 0)
While you are here: we had some Erlang questions we can use your help with...