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Ehud Lamm - REXX  blueArrow
9/9/2000; 6:30:07 AM (reads: 291, responses: 0)
I am not sure how many of you heard fo REXX or ever used it (it would be interesting to hear, esp. to know where you heard of it). Most people I know (but that just shows my background) encountered REXX on big IBM mainframes, but these days REXX runs on many other platforms (Windows, Linux etc.) and there exists a version (NETREXX) that produces Java bytecodes.

The language itself is retty nice, and it is very easy to procude your avergae script with it. However, compared to things like PERL you must say the language itself is limited (no regexps, for example). There is an oo dialect (Object REXX), but I never really used it.

Some other links: The IBM site (the creator of REXX is now an IBM Fellow); Rexx development products from IBM; Advanced Rexx Programming and, of course, comp.lang.rexx
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