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inactiveTopic Higher-order logic programming in Prolog
started 10/16/2001; 9:56:52 AM - last post 10/17/2001; 4:29:31 PM
Ehud Lamm - Higher-order logic programming in Prolog  blueArrow
10/16/2001; 9:56:52 AM (reads: 1410, responses: 1)
Higher-order logic programming in Prolog
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This is yet another paper which tells logic programmers what functional programmers have known and practiced for a long time: "higher order" programming is the way to go. How is this paper different from some of the others? First, we point out that call/N is not the way to go, despite its recent popularity as the primitive to use for higher order logic programming. Second, we use standard Prolog rather than a new language. Third, we compare higher order programming with the skeletons and techniques approach. Fourth, we present solutions to some (slightly) more challenging programming tasks. The interaction between higher order programming and some of the unique features of logic programming is illustrated and some important programming techniques are discussed. Finally, we examine the efficiency issue.

Posted to Logic/Declerative by Ehud Lamm on 10/16/01; 9:57:32 AM

Luis Castro - Re: Higher-order logic programming in Prolog  blueArrow
10/17/2001; 4:29:31 PM (reads: 639, responses: 0)
One interesting approach to higher order programming in Prolog is Hilog, implemented in XSB ( It provides a higher order sintax for a first order semantics, which can be pretty useful.