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inactiveTopic FP in Scheme: A WWW-oriented approach
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Ehud Lamm - FP in Scheme: A WWW-oriented approach  blueArrow
10/19/2001; 7:32:07 AM (reads: 523, responses: 1)
FP in Scheme: A WWW-oriented approach
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As the title indicates, we are only concerned with the functional subset of Scheme. As a unique aspect of this material, we illustrate the functional paradigm in Scheme with examples from WWW programming and WWW authoring. This is done on the ground of LAML, the Lisp Abstracted Markup Language. We hypothesize that this approach is more motivating than other approaches, which often tend to illustrate Scheme via examples of only little practical importance.

Quite a lot of stuff on using Scheme on the web is out there. We mentioned some markup languages based on Scheme in the past, but there are also web servers,server-side scripting tools etc.

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Frank Atanassow - Re: FP in Scheme: A WWW-oriented approach  blueArrow
10/19/2001; 2:00:25 PM (reads: 527, responses: 0)
Speaking of Scheme, here is a site maintained by Jim Bender which I found recently with lots of interesting references to Scheme-related papers and techniques.

Bibliography of Scheme-related Research