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Ehud Lamm - Lambda Prolog  blueArrow
10/22/2001; 9:38:47 AM (reads: 1551, responses: 3)
Lambda Prolog
What features does lambda Prolog have?

  • polymorphic typing
  • sound unification
  • implicational and universal quantified queries
  • modular programming
  • abstract data types
  • higher-order programming
  • simply-typed lambda-terms
  • unification of lambda-terms
You may find this tutorial helpful, though you may prefer to look at some souce code. Much more detailed information can be found in a draft book about lProlog (the inroduction in chpater one is particularly helpful).

Thanks to Oleg for pointing these out.

Posted to Logic/Declerative by Ehud Lamm on 10/22/01; 9:39:34 AM

Noel Welsh - Re: Lambda Prolog  blueArrow
10/23/2001; 2:08:27 AM (reads: 807, responses: 0)
How does lambda-Prolog compare to Mercury? Are they both addressing the same problem or is the 'paradigm' (for want of a better word) of lambda-Prolog different from that of Mercury?

pixel - Re: Lambda Prolog  blueArrow
10/23/2001; 4:21:53 AM (reads: 814, responses: 1)
I wouldn't say Mercury and lambda-prolog have the same goals. Mercury tries to fill the gap between MLs and prologs, having functional syntax, and lower the need of red cuts (if-then-else). It also tries to achieve efficiency. lambda-prolog gives new programming power: the ability to manipulate functional expressions (apply them, deconstruct them).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Lambda Prolog  blueArrow
10/23/2001; 2:04:23 PM (reads: 874, responses: 0)
I must confess that these differences made Mercury seem so natural, and lambda-prolog so exotic...

If anyone has more experiences with this language, I'd love to hear them, since exotic sometimes means exciting...