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Manta is a native Java compiler. It compiles Java source codes to x86 executables. Its goals are to beat the performance of all current Java implementations. Currently it already contains a highly efficient RMI implementation (source code compatible with std. RMI). It is currently about 30 times faster than standard implementations.

Manta was created for experimenting with parallel and distributed computing:

Manta also supports some Java extentions, such as the JavaParty programming model (the 'remote' keyword), replicated objects (described at JavaGrande 2000), and efficient divide and conquer parallelism (the 'spawn' and 'sync' keywords from cilk). The divide and conquer system is called 'Satin' and was described at Euro-Par 2000 and PPoPP'01. Furthermore, we have built a distributed shared memory (DSM) system on top of Manta, called Jackal, described at JavaGrande 2001 and PPoPP'01.

(the papers are linked to directly from the Manta website).

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