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inactiveTopic GCC 3.0: The State of the Source
started 10/30/2001; 12:42:39 PM - last post 10/30/2001; 12:42:39 PM
Ehud Lamm - GCC 3.0: The State of the Source  blueArrow
10/30/2001; 12:42:39 PM (reads: 346, responses: 0)
GCC 3.0: The State of the Source
Oleg pointed some interesting bits:

The memory management scheme used by the compiler itself was radically altered for the GCC 3.0 release. Memory allocated by the compiler is now garbage collected; previous releases used a complex system of memory pools. This change greatly reduced the number of memory-allocation bugs in the compiler, and simplified the implementation of new features.

Use of garbage collection, and other associated improvements associated with memory management, have dramatically reduced the memory footprint of the compiler in some cases. There have been im- provements as great as 60% (from approximate 300 MB to approximately 100MB) when compiling some C++ programs.

I suppose the next version of GCC will be written in Haskell...

Some interesting research efforts are mentioned, among them translating into single static asignment (SSA). SSA was disucssed here recently, and a few times in the past.

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