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started 10/31/2001; 7:05:47 AM - last post 11/2/2001; 1:51:49 PM
Ehud Lamm - Semantics with Applications  blueArrow
10/31/2001; 7:05:47 AM (reads: 1733, responses: 2)
Semantics with Applications
The 240 page book is online, for our enjoyment.

The stie also includes supplementary material.

The book talks about the three classic apporaches to semantics (operational, axiomatic and denotational), and tries to show how the relate to each other.

Posted to theory by Ehud Lamm on 10/31/01; 7:06:19 AM

Frank Atanassow - Re: Semantics with Applications  blueArrow
10/31/2001; 10:21:58 AM (reads: 779, responses: 0)
This book, along with several others, was listed on my PL texts page:

Frank Atanassow - Re: Semantics with Applications  blueArrow
11/2/2001; 1:51:49 PM (reads: 735, responses: 0)
I just added 3 new links to my page, thanks to submitters who probably saw the link here. They are: Phoa's thesis on fibrations and topoi, Jung & Abramsky's introduction to domain theory, and Hayashi and Nakano's book on the PX computational logic.