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started 10/31/2001; 12:32:12 PM - last post 11/1/2001; 2:21:32 PM
Ehud Lamm - Command Line Hacks  blueArrow
10/31/2001; 12:32:12 PM (reads: 836, responses: 2)
Command Line Hacks
(va CamWorld)

Well, the command line really is a little language. Next time you have to fix the sink, remember: plumbing is a linguistic activity

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 10/31/01; 12:33:38 PM

graydon hoare - Re: Command Line Hacks  blueArrow
11/1/2001; 10:34:26 AM (reads: 860, responses: 0)
a "little language"?

bourne shell is a very big, perhaps too-big language, with enough nooks and crannies that few people ever know the whole thing.

check out the guide for a real look at it.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Command Line Hacks  blueArrow
11/1/2001; 2:21:32 PM (reads: 839, responses: 0)
I was thinking only about the basic command line: redicrection, pipes etc.