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Ehud Lamm - IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer  blueArrow
11/6/2001; 2:18:08 PM (reads: 1135, responses: 0)
IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer
(via xmlhack)

XFC produces either an interactive onscreen display using Java2D or an output file using PDF. A single formatting engine drives both Java2D and PDF output through a common interface, making XFC the world's first output-independent processor of XSL FO. Other outputs are possible, and some are being developed.

I havem't played with this myself yet, but it seems this can be helpful if you want to build an authoring environment with preview capabilities.

I am not sure how the engine comapres to others. Any clues?

What I really want is some simple template langugae, or wysiwyg editor that can be used to specify formatting of XML data. The result can be an XSLT.

Seems like this should be easy enough to achieve using template engines (e.g., Velocity), tag libs, and other readily available tools.

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