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inactiveTopic Wonka - Embedded Java VM
started 11/12/2001; 2:26:31 AM - last post 11/16/2001; 2:13:48 AM
Ehud Lamm - Wonka - Embedded Java VM  blueArrow
11/12/2001; 2:26:31 AM (reads: 2150, responses: 3)
Wonka - Embedded Java VM
(via HtP)

Wonka is ACUNIA's cleanroom Virtual Machine for the Java language. It is extremely portable and self-contained, and can optionally be used with its own real-time executive (OSwald) to provide a complete solution for embedded devices. It is a full implementation of the Java language, not just a subset. And it's Open Source.

You may find the design decisions interesting.

Posted to implementation by Ehud Lamm on 11/12/01; 2:35:39 AM

Chris Gray - Re: Wonka - Embedded Java VM  blueArrow
11/13/2001; 5:31:11 AM (reads: 1019, responses: 0)
I do indeed find the design decisions interesting, mainly because they are my decisions. ;) But what do you find so interesting about them?

Chris Rathman - Re: Wonka - Embedded Java VM  blueArrow
11/13/2001; 7:51:39 AM (reads: 1009, responses: 0)
Don't know about Ehud, but I wish the rest of the JVM world would get true preemptive switching based on thread priority.

Chris Gray - Re: Wonka - Embedded Java VM  blueArrow
11/16/2001; 2:13:48 AM (reads: 996, responses: 0)
I think it's not uncommon in JVM's which run on RTOS's such as VxWorks: map Java threads 1:1 onto RTOS threads and away you go. Wonka goes a bit further in than when it is run as a single process on Linux it will schedule Java threads using its own scheduler, which handles priorities properly. So if you run Wonka in a real-time linux process you have the best of both (RTOS & linux) worlds.