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Ehud Lamm - A Language Community?  blueArrow
9/14/2000; 8:47:47 AM (reads: 593, responses: 0)
A Language Community?
I found this paper by Kent Pitman (of the Lisp HyperSpec fame), and thought you might enjoy it. It starts like this:

I learned Lisp as merely a programming language.

But as I watched, it began to evolve. And I came to view it more as a space of languages, unified by a set of common design principles--a terrain upon which one could move freely among certain camps and still be within the warm and friendly confines of a larger community called Lisp.

Lately, however, that terrain seems rougher than I once had thought--perhaps indeed rougher than it once actually was. Some of the camps have fallen away, while others have thrived. The paths among them seem less simple to navigate. And always I am acutely aware of the distances along these paths, for it is those distances that have created the political divisions among us which I deal with day-to-day in my work on language standards.

In this article, I will survey the landscape claimed by the Lisp Community in an attempt to identify the issues that divide us, the issues that unite us, and why it all matters.
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