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Dead Languages Society
Just a thought for today. :)

Having delved into some dead programming languages of late, I've been wondering whether more effort should be made to make it easier for students and hobbyists to be able to explore older languages that have become out of date. It seems to me that language designers can learn a lot by studying and experimenting with the older languages.

It also seems that more emphasis is placed on writing new languages rather than keeping old languages accessible to each successive generation. Perhaps instead of just cranking out new languages, we might want to make the old languages more accessible so that we can really improve upon them instead of just constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Bottom line is that I think that language archeology is as valuable for the advancement of programming language design as that of actually writing new languages. I think a lot of individuals have kept some of the older languages current, but there's still a lot of work to be done.
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