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started 11/26/2001; 2:43:54 AM - last post 11/26/2001; 11:51:16 AM
andrew cooke - Spirit Parser Framework  blueArrow
11/26/2001; 2:43:54 AM (reads: 2261, responses: 2)
Spirit Parser Framework
A parser "generator" that uses C++ template metaprogramming. You write EBNF directly into C++ source code, without any preprocessors or code generators (seen at sweetcode).

Could someone wiser than me compare this with combinator parsing in functional languages? Is is the same thing?

(I searched for "Spirit", but turned up nothing, apologies if this is a duplicate - only been reading this site again for the last week or two)
Posted to implementation by andrew cooke on 11/26/01; 2:47:37 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Spirit Parser Framework  blueArrow
11/26/2001; 4:33:37 AM (reads: 1151, responses: 0)
Welcome back!

Sorry I can't help with your question.

andrew cooke - Re: Spirit Parser Framework  blueArrow
11/26/2001; 11:51:16 AM (reads: 1098, responses: 0)
Cheers. Ah well...