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inactiveTopic A book to learn from?
started 11/27/2001; 5:55:54 AM - last post 11/27/2001; 8:25:07 AM
Ehud Lamm - A book to learn from?  blueArrow
11/27/2001; 5:55:54 AM (reads: 1593, responses: 1)
A book to learn from?
This is the archive of the discussion after the light languages workshop.

I am linking this in beacuse of the discussion about a good book to learn the practical parts of PL theory... Basically this is about what's missing from EOPL2 (and perhaps LiSP).

For my opinion, see previous LtU message.

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Fredrik Lundh - Re: A book to learn from?  blueArrow
11/27/2001; 8:25:07 AM (reads: 829, responses: 0)
Noticed that they also, briefly, discussed the "Zen of Python".

For the curious, it was originally known as "20 pythonic theses." Here's Tim's original post (part of an odd little flamewar):