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Ehud Lamm - The Retrocomputing Museum  blueArrow
9/19/2000; 5:55:58 AM (reads: 348, responses: 1)
The Retrocomputing Museum
Following Chris's lead.

There are several langugaes in the museum, so in some sense this really is an answer to Chris's wishes. I've already mentioned that I think the open-source movement is a great opportunity for programming languages evangalists. ESR is also responsible for this museum.

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andrew cooke - Re: The Retrocomputing Museum  blueArrow
9/21/2000; 7:12:38 AM (reads: 365, responses: 0)
I once submitted my implementation of Dijkstra's guarded language (an implementation of the language he uses in "A Discipline of Programming"), but it was never included (sniff). Anyone interested in this classic (it's possible mine is the only implementation as the book is quite proud that none of the programs were ever run) can look at


PS OK, it's only an interpreter, and doesn't have subroutines or functions...