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inactiveTopic Java Generics and Method Objects
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Ehud Lamm - Java Generics and Method Objects  blueArrow
11/30/2001; 1:00:28 PM (reads: 1823, responses: 0)
Java Generics and Method Objects
In this article, I'll introduce you to the new Generics Specification (which came out of the Java Community Process) and then rebuild the command object framework using it. This won't actually change the performance of the application or add any new functionality. It will, however, add a substantial amount of compile-time type checking to the framework, thereby making the code easier to maintain and extend.

Most of this article is a tutorial on the Java Generics Specification. Java generics were discussed here at length, and this article doesn't cover any new ground. Still, this seems like a decent tutorial.

Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 11/30/01; 1:00:53 PM