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inactiveTopic structural stability in large-scale software
started 12/1/2001; 7:39:36 AM - last post 12/4/2001; 5:20:30 AM
Alex Iskold - structural stability in large-scale software  blueArrow
12/1/2001; 7:39:36 AM (reads: 336, responses: 2)
Something that has not been previously by any SE tool is analysis of structral stability in software. Treating any system as a large network of interdependent components leads to a different, complementary prospective on the entire development process.

The recently released tool, Small Worlds, from Information Laboratory, addresses just that problem. Small Worlds provides users with a visual map of any software written in Java or C++. It performs structural analysis of these applications, evaluates the overall stability, and points out potentially problematic areas. Please visit if you have a chance.

andrew cooke - Re: structural stability in large-scale software  blueArrow
12/3/2001; 9:13:10 AM (reads: 365, responses: 0)
That looks pretty neat. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it provides maps that show the dependency graph for classes. I can't imagine that this is a very difficult to thing to do - do free versions of software like this exist?

Is this not on the front page because it's borderline whether it's to do with programming languages (rather than engineering in OO languages)? Or do you not have front page access? If you put stuff on the front page it's going to get a lot more eyeballs (contact Ehud - follow the feedback link - for permission to front page post if you don;t have it).

Ehud Lamm - Re: structural stability in large-scale software  blueArrow
12/4/2001; 5:20:30 AM (reads: 355, responses: 0)
I think the original post was by someone with commercial interests in the product. I didn't delete it beacuse it is basically on topic for LtU.

If any editor wants to link this from the home page they are welcome, of course.