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started 12/12/2001; 6:05:03 AM - last post 12/17/2001; 1:25:11 PM
Ehud Lamm - My Trip To Microsoft  blueArrow
12/12/2001; 6:05:03 AM (reads: 360, responses: 1)
My Trip To Microsoft
(via Duncan's Jotter)

For those of you that don't receive the JavaLobby weekly newsletter, here's a copy of this week's issue. It is my report on my recent trip to Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, where I and several other Java folks received an intensive briefing on .Net.

Nothing ground breaking here, but an interesting perspective of C#, CLR, Visual Studio.Net etc.

I particularly like this conclusion: It seems to me that ignorance about .Net within the Java community is much more dangerous than informed awareness.

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graydon hoare - Re: My Trip To Microsoft  blueArrow
12/17/2001; 1:25:11 PM (reads: 383, responses: 0)
This ECMA effort may be primarily symbolic, however, since only a player with enormous resources and funding could possibly implement the standard.

The irony in this statement, coming from a member of the "java lobby", is overwhelming; apparantly he's not interested in inspecting the behavior of Sun in this game.