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Ehud Lamm - To Dissect a Mockingbird  blueArrow
9/26/2000; 9:11:08 AM (reads: 553, responses: 1)
To Dissect a Mockingbird
Studying the Lambda Calculus brings us to study combinatory logic. Raymond Smullyan (what is the name of that author?) wrote a puzzle book on combinatory logic: To Mock a Mockingbird. This paper is a fun exploration of the same theme.

If we had a function Mock, identified by M, this webpage = M(M("To Kill a Mockingbird")). Lucky for us MM is not the same as the I combinator - I really didn't like the original book by Harper Lee.

But this page is fun. Now click!
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andrew cooke - Re: To Dissect a Mockingbird  blueArrow
9/26/2000; 3:38:19 PM (reads: 603, responses: 0)
Brilliant! Thanks.... (I wonder what was the deeper foundation he was aiming for?)