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started 12/26/2001; 1:32:52 AM - last post 12/26/2001; 1:32:52 AM
Dan Shappir - gen<x> past and present  blueArrow
12/26/2001; 1:32:52 AM (reads: 671, responses: 0)

I don't believe Developmentor's gen<x> product was ever mentioned here. It's a code reuse tool, that uses templates to capture code chuncks and lets them be applied in new contexts. So basically it's a tool that handles code as data. It uses scripts in a way that is very similar to ASP to customize the code to the required task. It also provides tools to create the ever-popular wizards to automate this process. Note that I have never used this tool, and now I probably never will since Developmentor have chosen to discontinue it.

Anyway, it did look interesting, it was certainly unique, and maybe Chris Sells will find another venue to ship it (it seems he was not happy with the decision.)