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started 12/26/2001; 12:46:03 PM - last post 12/26/2001; 12:46:03 PM
Ehud Lamm - Thinking in Python  blueArrow
12/26/2001; 12:46:03 PM (reads: 2015, responses: 0)
Thinking in Python
(via Daily Python-URL)

A Python version of Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Patterns with Java.

I am a bit sad that we have book versions for different languages (I have the same issue with the Modern Compiler books). Somehow I think that if the languages are close enough for straightforward translation, we don't need separate versions (I am reluctant to use the term editions), and if the languages are not so close, whole concepts need to be reconsidered.

Since most programmers don't share my extreme view, I guess some LtU readers may enjoy this

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