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inactiveTopic Formal semantics for C
started 12/29/2001; 11:11:06 AM - last post 12/30/2001; 12:54:09 AM
Ehud Lamm - Formal semantics for C  blueArrow
12/29/2001; 11:11:06 AM (reads: 1681, responses: 1)
Formal semantics for C
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Formalizing the semantics of C is far from trivial. The language has many implementation dependent features, making any model that presupposes their behaviour inadequate.

This discussion contains examples of such features (e.g., out of bounds array access), and links to some brave attempts to provide some formal treatment of C semantics.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Formal semantics for C  blueArrow
12/30/2001; 12:54:09 AM (reads: 706, responses: 0)
One message in this thread explains why the Component Pascal type system is unsound.