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started 1/3/2002; 6:33:12 AM - last post 1/3/2002; 6:33:12 AM
Jo Totland - muq  blueArrow
1/3/2002; 6:33:12 AM (reads: 229, responses: 0)
I have never done any mudding, but looking at the specification for this one makes me really want to try.

There are currently three languages implemented (to various degrees). MUF (multi user Forth) seems most interesting to me (at least I thought it was innovative), and is also the one that is likely to be most polished, as it was started first. It is basically Common Lisp (with CLOS) having postfix syntax, and some added security so mudders won't go totally amok. There is also MUC (multi user C, and MUL (multi user lisp. They all compile to a common bytecode, and use the same object system, and there is even an assembler and various other frameworks helping you implement new languages on top of muq. Security seems to be enforced with a scheme similar to Unix permissions, and some cryptography.

I have barely downloaded and started playing with this stuff, but I just thought the link was so interesting that I had to show it to the Ultimate lambda...