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inactiveTopic Implementing debuggers
started 1/3/2002; 12:40:14 PM - last post 2/6/2002; 12:13:09 PM
Ehud Lamm - Implementing debuggers  blueArrow
1/3/2002; 12:40:14 PM (reads: 586, responses: 2)
Does anyone have a good reference for a survey on debugger implementation techniques?

I am looking for an introductory paper, concentrating on basic techniques (e.g., code instrumentation etc.)

Vladimir Ivanovic - Re: Implementing debuggers  blueArrow
2/6/2002; 11:17:10 AM (reads: 563, responses: 0)
There is "How Debuggers Work: Algorithms, Data Structures, and Architecture" by Jonathan B. Rosenberg, Wiley, 1996. Rosenberg is/was VP of C++ and Internet Products and before that, Project Manager for Debuggers.

I have only skimmed the book, so I may be unfairly characterizing it. My impression is that there is a lot of good material, but I'm unsure of how generally applicable it is. The content of the chapters seem to be about things you need to think about when implementing a debugger rather than solutions. I don't think this is a defect; it's just that you'll be disappointed if you're expecting a solution rather than a direction.

Ch 1: introduction and principles Ch 2: overview of debugger architecture Ch 3 & 4: underlying infrastructure Ch 5: how a debuggee is controlled Ch 6 data structurs & algorithms for breakpoints and single-stepping Ch 7 & 8: stack traces, disassembling, inspecting program variables Ch 9: mutlithreaded debugging Ch 10: debugging GUIs Ch 11: special uses of debuggers Ch 12: debugging optimized code,9049,37386,00.html

Ehud Lamm - Re: Implementing debuggers  blueArrow
2/6/2002; 12:13:09 PM (reads: 546, responses: 0)
Thanks! This does look interesting.

I wasn't thinking of a cook book, so I don't really care if the book discusses issues, rather than give solutions.