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Ehud Lamm - XPipe  blueArrow
1/7/2002; 2:39:59 PM (reads: 1233, responses: 0)
(via xmlhack)

XPipe is an approach to manageable, scaleable, robust XML processing based on the assembly line principle, common in many areas of manufacturing.

XPipe is a philosophy and a set of open-source software that implements in philosophy. The idea is that XPipe become the reference implementation of the architecture and also serve as a focal point for XPipe experimentation and discussion.

(Also check the XML-DEV announcement)

It is my feeling, for quite a while, that layering of schemas and pipelining XSLs are the future of XML processing.

A large part of XPipe is the effort to define the XComponent model. XComponents specify (in XML, naturally) how the processing components interact.

I found the website a bit confusing. A good starting point is the glossary.
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