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inactiveTopic Cringely: Response to critics (C# vs. Java)
started 1/8/2002; 2:10:59 PM - last post 1/16/2002; 1:23:17 PM
Ehud Lamm - Cringely: Response to critics (C# vs. Java)  blueArrow
1/8/2002; 2:10:59 PM (reads: 1165, responses: 1)
Cringely: Response to critics (C# vs. Java)
The first part of this article is of little interest from a PL perspective. The second part is a response to criticism on Cringely's previous column, in which he claimed C# will rise at the expense of Java. Mentions things like portability, speed of execution etc.

Not a very insightful discussion, I must say. I am sure each of you can easily debunk arguments from both sides. If you really want to, you can do so here

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 1/8/02; 2:13:39 PM

David B. Wildgoose - Re: Cringely: Response to critics (C# vs. Java)  blueArrow
1/16/2002; 1:23:17 PM (reads: 1147, responses: 0)
Just a thought. Microsoft's Common Language Runtime isn't really that dissimilar in principle to Sun's Java Virtual Machine. I appreciate that Java bytecodes are strongly tied to Java, but the existence of compilers that turn Eiffel, Python, etc. into Java byte codes must mean that it isn't an impossible task to do the same for other languages.

In addition as there are spare byte codes available (including "escape" byte codes), there is no reason why standard extensions could not be added for languages other than Java.

So if Sun abandons its mantra of "Java is the one, true and only way" then there's nothing stopping them providing a complete alternative to .NET - or am I missing something?

(As far as I know, Sun's ONE is Java specific, but I may be wrong).