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inactiveTopic Mercury on .NET - what next?
started 10/5/2000; 1:48:18 AM - last post 10/8/2000; 6:20:26 PM
andrew cooke - Mercury on .NET - what next?  blueArrow
10/5/2000; 1:48:18 AM (reads: 416, responses: 2)
Mercury on .NET - what next?
A while back I mentioned a rumour that Oz/Mozart was being implemented on top of MS's .NET runtime. That rumour could be true - it appears that MS asked several different language groups to extend to .NET and provided funding. The NDA was dropped a few days ago; we can expect more anouncements soon, I'm sure...

(link seen at /.)
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andrew cooke - Re: Mercury on .NET - what next?  blueArrow
10/6/2000; 3:48:12 AM (reads: 377, responses: 1)
Haskel, Ocaml and SMLNJ - see this usenet article

Chris Rathman - Re: Mercury on .NET - what next?  blueArrow
10/8/2000; 6:20:26 PM (reads: 388, responses: 0)
Dyalog APL is also being ported to .NET