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inactiveTopic Functional Programming in Clean
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Chris Rathman - Functional Programming in Clean  blueArrow
10/6/2000; 12:10:16 PM (reads: 341, responses: 0)
Functional Programming in Clean
A while back I was reading up on Haskell and was unable to get very far in learning based upon the material that was on the web. The book Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming by Simon Thompson was recommended as a good starting place for learning the language, and I can personally recommend it as a good resource.

The Clean language has a lot in common with Haskell and Miranda, being a general purpose lazy functional programming language. Clean does go in some directions that were not travelled in Haskell with Unique types that allow mutable records while still maintaining referential transparency. The implementation comes with a complete ready to roll GUI toolkit that irons out the problems of interfacing FP with the *World.

All in all, a nice language that takes the concepts of Miranda and Haskell and maps them into a pragmatic framework. The link above is to a draft book for teaching Clean that is quite a good introduction to the language. (Though I wish the sections on Uniqueness types and Existential types were a little clearer.)
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