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Ehud Lamm - Concurrent OCaml  blueArrow
10/10/2000; 9:44:21 AM (reads: 750, responses: 1)
Concurrent OCaml
From comp.lang.functional

This looks like interesting work.

There is also something called CML (concurrent ML), but I don't have a good link.

(Personally I am from the Ada camp. To see where we come from, you should check out the CSP Archive).
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andrew cooke - Re: Concurrent OCaml  blueArrow
10/11/2000; 4:02:51 AM (reads: 787, responses: 0)
I looked at some of these papers a while back (I didn't understand it all, and realised I needed to understand more lambda calculus than I did) and IIRC the Chemical Abstract Model appears to be used only at the theoretical level. I was thinking I would somehow write programs in terms of membranes, reagents, etc, but I ended up talking to people who told me otherwise (sorry, this is all from vague memories and I may be wrong as I never actually use the language...).