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Ehud Lamm - Jscheme  blueArrow
1/24/2002; 5:49:06 AM (reads: 537, responses: 1)
(formerly SILK).

Jscheme is

  • a dialect of Scheme with a very simple interface to Java, called the Javadot notation.
  • a reference implementation for this dialect (implemented in Java, bootstrapped with Jscheme).

The webpage has a couple of examples. Another example.

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Zach Garner - Re: Jscheme  blueArrow
1/25/2002; 1:46:49 PM (reads: 540, responses: 0)
Kawa ( ) may interest those who find Jscheme interesting.

Kawa compiles scheme code into Java Byte Code, allowing you to access Java classes from Scheme, and write Java applications, applets and servlets in Scheme.