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inactiveTopic PADL: Beautiful textures by combining functions
started 1/29/2002; 2:15:31 PM - last post 1/31/2002; 3:55:43 AM
Oleg - PADL: Beautiful textures by combining functions  blueArrow
1/29/2002; 2:15:31 PM (reads: 619, responses: 1)
It is common to operate matrices and pixelmaps by reading and writing the (i,j)-th element or pixel. There is, however, an "inverse" approach: rather than manipulate pixels we manipulate functions that manipulate pixels. The result is surprisingly concise and lucid, let alone coordinate and storage independent.

The following message includes a summary of a talk

Functional Approach to Texture Generation Jerzy Karczmarczuk PADL02, January 20, 2002

The pure functional library of texture generators has been used in teaching -- of functional programming and of computer graphics.

The links in the above URL provide the context, in particularly, they point out to Brad Lucier's message urging for more abstraction when dealing with vectors and matrices.

Ehud Lamm - Re: PADL: Beautiful textures by combining functions  blueArrow
1/31/2002; 3:55:43 AM (reads: 620, responses: 0)
Our own Andrew's system, Pancito, was one of the inspirations Clastic. The main inspiration was Conal Elliott's PAN system.